G20 Toronto – Can I See Your ID?

Should independent media be treated the same as mainstream media? Do the rights of independent media people DIFFER from press or TV journalists? This cop thinks so.

Youtube video – Youtube video – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UE1UZWrfMJ8

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Officers claim they don’t need law to stop photographer taking pictures

Hat tip to AcadieLibre for finding this:


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Canadian photography laws – VERY brief summary leaflet

If you are a Canadian photographer, photographing in public, then you have every right to continue doing so. There may be special restrictions on photographing military bases, but aside from special cases like that, it is your RIGHT to photograph in public.

Feel free to print out this mini info page and give it to anyone that may hassle you while you are enjoying your right to photography. Thx to casil403 for putting this together.

Thanks for your interest in my photography. I want to inform you that I am doing nothing wrong:

I am guaranteed that right to take pictures in public in Canada because it is clearly outlined in the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.
Section 2.b) states that as both a Canadian citizen and as a photographer I am allowed:

“Freedom of thought, belief, opinion and expression, including freedom of the press and other media of communication;”

This statement absolutely guarantees my right to express myself through photography, and the freedom to publish my photos. The Charter of Rights and Freedoms guarantees my right to take photographs in public.

I can take photos of anything and under regular circumstances, as long as no laws are broken while photographing, it is not against the law.

Publicphotography.org | A Celebration Focusing on the Rights of Photographers

Hat tip to casil403 for writing this up.

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Man arrested for taking picture of cop in his own home

A Texas man has sued his local police department, saying he was arrested for taking a picture of a police officer when the officer entered his home without permission. Read more…

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Ottawa Joins the War on Photography

Part of the war on photography involves making the public think that photographers and other artists might also be potential terrorists. The sad truth is, yes some photographers might be terrorists. People that watch birds through binoculars might also be terrorists. Gardeners that buy fertilizer might also be bomb-making terrorists. Please be on the lookout for all suspicious gardeners.

Here’s a leaflet put out by the Ottawa – Gatineau transit department to warn the public about suspicious activity. http://www.sto.ca/secure/index_en.html

Read this carefully. Especially the paragraph in the link that says

What unusual situations we should be watching for?

Although the chance of such situations occurring is unlikely, we urge you to be alert to any unusual situation.

- A suspicious package left unattended in a bus, near a bus stop or in a transit shelter;
A package, bag or other carry-on baggage left unattended at some distance or purposely left out of the way;
- A package carrying unusual items such as batteries, electrical wires or containers;
- A jittery or nervous individual loitering near a transit shelter or whose behaviour on board a bus appears suspicious, abnormal or out of the ordinary;
- An individual taking photos or pictures in a location that has no particular interest, drawing maps or sketches, taking notes or wandering in the same location for an unusually long time;
- An unexpected detour of your bus from its regular transit route, unannounced by your driver or an official notice from the operator of the transit system.

Particular interest? Who defines what is of “no particular interest”??? I do all of that downtown every time I go out with a camera!

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Disney Thinks Photographers Are Terrorists

Disney Thinks Photographers Are Terrorists William Beem Photography

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Iran jails Getty photographer for three years

IRAN has sentenced a freelance photographer to three years in prison for taking pictures of 2009 election protests, it has been reported.  Read more…

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UK to introduce “photograph a cop, 10 years in jail” law

Hard to fathom for those of us that believe in freedom of the press and our own personal freedoms. These freedoms are being trumped by new ‘anti-terrorist’ laws.


Here’s more related links:

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Photographer films his own ‘anti-terror’ arrest

Take a look at this self-filmed video arrest. Do citizens of the U.K. feel more secure because of these tactics? This makes my blood boil.


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The War on Photography

In the past few years several governments from around the world have been trampling all over photographers’ rights in the name of ‘security’ and anti-terrorism.


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