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Changes to Canadian Copyright Law

Changes to Canadian Copyright Law A GREAT VICTORY FOR CANADIAN PHOTOGRAPHERS OTTAWA, November 7, 2012: At last, Canadian photographers own their copyright. The Canadian Association of Professional Image Creators (CAPIC) would like to congratulate all Canadian photographers in Canada on … Continue reading

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UK Man Questioned by Police After Cell Phone Photo of Daughter in Mall

Last Friday, 45-year-old Chris White was at the Braehead shopping center near Glasgow, when he took a snapshot of his daughter Hazel eating some ice cream. He was then confronted by security guards — and later the police — who … Continue reading

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Man with camera in park who fled angry parent sought by police (turns out he was taking pix of his grandson)

“A woman in Potacello, Idaho spotted an “older white man” taking pictures of “children” at a park, so she ran up to him and screamed at him until he left, and then called the police, who duly issued an alert … Continue reading

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Plane Returned to Gate and Delayed 2.5 Hours After 3 Passengers Take Pictures

Last week a United Airlines flight out of Denver International Airport was returned to the gate after being ready for takeoff when a passenger noticed “suspicious behavior” and notified a flight attendant.   Read more…

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The shoot is this Saturday September 11, 2010

Hi Everyone, The months have flown by and the shoot is THIS Saturday, September 11, 2010. Just to recap, in order to participate, all you have to do is go out on September 11 (in whatever city you live … Continue reading

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Photog Claims He Was Detained for Snapping Pics

Photographer Jerome Vorus writes on his blog that he was recently “detained for photography” by D.C. police after taking pictures of a traffic stop from a distance “far enough not to impede in any police investigation.” An officer asked him “for … Continue reading

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Sun Photographer Arrested

Thanks to ‘s Matt K. for this story: Bystanders are shocked after a [Calgary] Sun photojournalist was arrested Friday as he was shooting pictures in the aftermath of a home invasion.  Read more…

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ProPublica Photographer: I Was Followed by BP Security and Then Detained by Police

Freelance photographer Lance Rosenfield was working on assignment for ProPublica in Texas City, Texas, last week, when a BP security guard began following him. Rosenfield was later detained by police after taking photos for two ProPublica stories. Read more…

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DHS Works Hand In Hand With BP Security And Local Police

“Lance Rosenfield, on assignment for PBS Frontline, was detained and interrogated (sic) by the Joint Terrorism Task force for photographing a Texas City highway sign in public.” Read More…

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G20 Toronto – Can I See Your ID?

Should independent media be treated the same as mainstream media? Do the rights of independent media people DIFFER from press or TV journalists? This cop thinks so. Youtube video – Youtube video –

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